Dehydrated lemon

PRESENTACION: Packages of 1 Kg. In laminated envelope with ziplot closure and 25 kg bag with double polyethylene inner bag of 400 gauge and outer bag of 3-layer kraft paper. To maintain the characteristics of this product, it must be kept in one place fresh and dry, avoiding a high relative humidity since it is highly hydroscopic. It must be protected from sunlight direct This product has a shelf life of 12 months.

APPLICATIONS: For its distinctive and characteristic flavor is used in substitution of liquid natural lemon juice in both snacks, beverages prepared, mayonnaise and in general for any formulation that includes the use of lemon.

PHYSICAL CHEMICAL STABILITY: Because it is a controlled process, it is certain that the parameters of ph., Humidity, acidity and granulometry vary within a very narrow range and always within specifications, so it always you will obtain a product almost equal to the previous one, with the consequent saving of analyzes and reformulations.

ESTABILIDAD MICROBIOLĂ“GICA: Due to the type of drying to which it is subjected, it is guaranteed that it has a low microbial load always within parameters and the total absence of pathogens. Because it is a product with very little moisture, it is not possible that it exists bacterial or fungal and yeast reproduction; unlike liquid lemon juice, which contains approximately 90% of water, which is why it is possible to have a bacterial, fungal and yeast reproduction.

ORGANOLÉPTIC SPECIFICATIONS: Yellowish green powder tending to white with a slightly bitter taste, characteristic of Mexican lemon.